Learn how to run a 6 figure business from your mobile phone in the next three months ...
Who's It For ??
Wanting more income but already stretched to the limit with working hours and commitments
Entrepreneurs who make $50k or more a year and are sick of having no time freedom.
  Having the best tools to manage your team at your fingertips.
  Feeling confident that you have advanced communication and leadership skills to run your company.
  Knowing exactly how to identify and communicate with your ideal clients
  Having the freedom to choose your lifestyle because you have time and money.
  Knowing the team members that are necessary to realize your business goals.
  Having the resources to properly train your team
  Satisfied customers that are so happy they found you.
  Having the best tools to manage your team at your fingertips
  Reaching your income goals and having free time
  Feeling supported by your team.
  Feeling zero anxiety about taking a holiday
  Knowing what areas are your zone of genius.
  Feeling less stress in your day to day life.
Pre - requisites 
  Strong desire to cut their working hours in half by the end of 2019 
(without reducing income)
  Entrepreneur or small business owner earning minimum $50k per year          
  Open to removing old beliefs and embracing a new way to live and work                                     

Thank you Gemma For Mentoring Me  ...

Thank you Gemma for mentoring me and showing me the key factors that go into building an online business that offers location in-dependance and control over my time, allowing me to live the true remote CEO lifestyle.  

Daniel Douglas
Here's A Summary of What You Will Get ...

Module 1 - Value $997 
Work To Your Strengths & From Your Values
Module 2  - Value $997
Manage Your Time Like A CEO

Module 3  Value $497
Time Saving Activities & Automation

Module 4 Value $997
Money Mindset & Sales Psychology
Module 5Value $497
Building & Managing Your Remote Team

Module 6 Value $497
The Reality Test

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Taste the freedom & luxury of being a real-life remote CEO
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5th september 2019
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 Want it all now ??
Join Me At An Exclusive Resort In 
Koh Samui, Thailand
For a one-week immersion session
covering all the course content
25th - 31st August 2019

Life Changing   ...

My life is now organized, no more 12 hours plus days, sat at my computer juggling my workload, my clients and my busy schedules.  Now I'm the one in control and have a lot more time to enjoy life.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone ... Thanks, Gemma

Scott Edwards
Gemma Purnell
Real Life Remote CEO
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